Lynn Parkhurst
Lynn ParkhurstTrustee
Lynn Parkhurst is currently working as manager of her family-owned business, Stan’s Service Center, which is the longest running single-owner business in the town of Conway. The business was established in 1971, and has witnessed many changes in Conway Village over that time.

Lynn’s interest in Mountain Top Music came about when her daughter started taking lessons there in 2007. Lynn’s daughter, Riley, has been involved with many programs at Mountain Top including individual and group lessons. Riley was one of the first members of the Jam Band program, which started Riley on the path of creating her own band which includes her father. The Riley Parkhurst Project is a successful band in the Mount Washington Valley and is truly a family affair. Lynn works as roadie, sound tech, and bus driver for the band.

Lynn is one of the newest members of the Board of Trustees, having joined in the spring of 2014. She most recently worked on the committee to create the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.