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Music has always been a very strong influence in my life. Even so, I did not have the privilege of having much formal training in music. My earliest memories were of my sister and me learning to play songs on a miniature organ. I enjoyed music and managed to learn to play a few songs with one finger. We sang hymns around the piano with my mother every day. As a child I sang regularly in little church choirs, and later in an adult choir. 

I got my degree in elementary education. Music was present in my life in choirs and choral singing, but still I had not begun any serious formal training. I took a few music classes in college, but that was it.

I did not begin formal music training until after my son was born. I was determined to learn to play hymns for our small church congregation, and taught myself the basics in 6 months, then took a year of formal piano lessons. After my daughter was born, I decided to learn guitar.

When my daughter, Abby, was 2 years old, I brought her to Mountain Top’s class for toddlers (with Jess West). We loved it. When she was in preschool music with Ellen Schwindt, I decided to see if I could teach music to children at Mountain Top Music Center, so I asked Ellen about employment – and here I am enjoying the most exciting job of my life. I love music and children, so I guess you could say that there isn’t anything I would rather be doing.

With recording help from Chad Cummings, I’ve now brought out several CDs, including many songs I sing with the babies and toddlers at Mountain Top.

Music has always been my joy, my healing, and a means of expressing every emotion I feel. Mountain Top Music Center has let me turn this love into a career.


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