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Gail Paine
Gail PaineAdvisor
Gail Paine and her husband, Bill, came to the Mount Washington Valley in 1961 to sell Bill’s family business, the New England Inn. They decided to keep the business, live near the hotel and raise their family in a small town. They owned and managed the New England Inn, in Intervale, New Hampshire from 1961 until 1977, when the business was sold.

In 1979, Gail joined the University System of New Hampshire as the Program Coordinator for the College for Lifelong Learning as it expanded statewide into the North Country. Her responsibilities included hiring faculty each semester, staffing the college office, recruiting and counseling undergraduate adult degree students, and networking with businesses, agencies, towns, and schools to insure a successful growth of the college.

Gail is active on many non‐profit Boards including the Visiting Nurse and Hospice of Carroll County and The Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council. She is a trustee of the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Foundation, the Goldberg Foundation, and the North Country Tillotson Foundation. Gail is active in the Town of Bartlett, serving as the Chairman of the Lower Bartlett Water Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Chairperson of the Supervisors of the Bartlett Voter Checklist and Clerk of the Bartlett School Board.

Gail has served as an advisor to the Mountain Top Board since 2008.


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