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Our Mission:

Our mission is to enrich lives and build community by providing inspiring music education and by offering performance and listening opportunities throughout the area.

What we do:

Mountain Top Music Center is a community music school located in Conway, New Hampshire. Our mission is to enrich lives and build community by providing inspiring music education and by offering performance and listening opportunities throughout the area. We use music to build community through group study and performance, shared listening, and mutually respectful, inter-generational, multi-cultural musical communication. More than 350 people participate in our lessons, classes, workshops, and community ensembles each year. We offer progressive, coordinated music education to students of all ages. For children we provide developmentally appropriate instruction aimed at nurturing the means for music expression. We offer adults a way to begin or extend their musical skills and expertise.

Mountain Top Music Center presents a variety of concerts bringing the work of our students, community ensembles, and faculty to the community. We also present professional musicians and ensembles, often in collaboration with other non-profit organizations. In recent years attendance at MTMC concerts has increased noticeably. We understand that many concert audiences are composed of individuals who were once or still are music students. We link our community of students with our community of listeners, seeking to expand both.

Watch WMUR’s NH Chronicle video about us.

Mary Bastoni – Voice and musical theatre
Bruce Berquist – Songwriting, musicology, music technology & business
Chad Cummings – Guitar, piano, electric bass
Julia Howell – Director of Education; Viola, violin, composition
Jenny Huang-Dale – Cello, violin, viola
Doug Kendall – Cello
Chris Nourse – Violin, viola
Sharon Novak – Children’s music, piano, guitar, ukulele
Justin Ramos – Piano, electronic music
Eric Rollnick – Percussion
Elizabeth Roth – Voice, harp
Mike Sakash – Saxophone, clarinet, flute
Judy Teehan – Flute, recorder
Laurie Turley – Piano, winds, brass
George Wiese – Executive Director; Piano, trombone, musicology

George Wiese – Executive Director; Piano, Trombone, Musicology
Julia Howell – Director of Education; Viola, Violin, Composition
Kate Vachon – Administrative Assistant, Registrar
Frank Benesh – Treasurer
Linda Vienneau – Bookkeeper

Colleen Albee
Amy Berrier 
Karen Carr 
Deb Chalmers 
Ian Cruickshank 
Dr. Therese Davison 
Penny Deans 
Susan Dugdale 
Susan Ferré 
Ron Frizzell 
Barbara Gartland 
Melissa Garvey 
Betsey Harding 
Al Hospers 
Sarah Isberg 
Kathryn Karlsson 
Russ Lanoie 
Julie Levine 
Becky Mulkern
Gail Paine  
Ceal Peacock 
Cindy Priest 
Carol Rosenblith 
Robert Scolaro    
Nora Schwarz
Linda Walker 


The green “CONCERT SCHEDULE AND RESERVATIONS” button on this page will take you to a schedule of concerts. There is no need to sign in to view the schedule, but when you click “Add to Cart” to reserve seats, you will be asked to sign in with a user ID and password. If you have bought a concert ticket in the last several years, that info was emailed to you on or around April 26, 2018. If you have misplaced your info, click on “Forgot” and enter the primary email for your household (the one that receives concert directions and/or invoices from Mt Top). That address will then receive an email with your credentials (you may have to check your spam).  You can also call our office between 10 and 5  Monday through Thursday and we will give you your information. If you are a new user (never registered for a lesson, purchased a concert ticket, or recently donated to Mountain Top), you must create an account in order to purchase a concert ticket. You will receive email confirmation of your payment.

A few hints:

  • The Firefox browser is not supported, and the system is not optimized for mobile devices, although it may work OK on tablets.
  • To see concerts in chronological order, select Sort By Start Date in the upper-right corner of the listing screen.
  • Ignore any references to selecting a “pay plan.”

IMPORTANT: When making a credit card payment, please the note the check box below. If left unchecked, your credit card will be securely saved in our system, and will replace any card we currently have on file.


Please indicate any seating or other special requests in the “optional comments” section of the payment form. If you would like to be seated with other guests, please provide their names and we will do our best to seat you together.